Rewired offers refreshing insight in its clarity, heart, and scope. It’s more than about rewiring from technology; it is about plugging into life.
— Joanne Gordon, co-author with Howard Schultz, Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul

Rewired is for anyone who wants to work smarter, live better, and be purposefully productive. 

Rewired explains how an overuse of technology and its lingering effects–being overwired–are damaging our brains, our bodies, our personal and professional relationships, and our productivity. Rewired shows you how to unwire, to step back from technology to regain clarity and focus. It then teaches you how to rewire, set boundaries, and establish effective systems to be more productive and fulfilled, personally and professionally.

Rewired offers the skills and strategies to:

  • Balance your personal life with your professional goals.
  • Make the right choices and manage commitments to deliver results.
  • Improve critical cognitive skills, like focusing and filtering.
  • Leverage technology to solve and anticipate problems.
  • Be more present in your work and life.
This is a quick and easy read to remind you how to take back your life from the conveniences of technology. What struck me most was the need for “balcony time.” So much of our lives is go, go, go and without taking time to step back to reflect on a regular basis. I immediately wrote down several ideas I could put into practice...still working on it but the book is inspiring! Highly recommend to anyone who feels over-wired!
— SBM, Amazon Kindle Edition reader
It’s as if this book was written for me. I have a broad variety of interests, work full-time, have teenage children, and sometimes can’t but down my “crackberry.” I recognize that multi-tasking isn’t always a virtue - particularly when you can’t fully focus on a specific project or give full attention to the person you are with.

I highly recommend this if you are thinking about restoring some balance in your life.
— Claire Wadlington, Amazon Kindle Edition reader