Fall Flow Accelerator

Join us for the Flow Acceleration Workshop, where you will be accelerated into an understanding of Flow.

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Through the Flow Acceleration workshop, participants learn to:

  • Understand flow: what it is, why the 5 stages are essential to create sustained peak performance;
  • Identify, clarify and prioritize goals to create actionable objectives and track progress;
  • Optimize themselves, their environments, their commitments and their time;
  • Tackle projects in a way that creates momentum and enthusiasm;
  • Embrace a hacking mindset to achieve more - faster - easier - more efficiently.

Results that create a ripple.  Typical outcomes for the Flow Acceleration workshop include:

  • Agility to identify outcomes and adapt strategies.
  • Rapid alignment of vision, goals, and priorities into an actionable strategy.
  • Faster, more effective problem identification, dissection and solution.
  • Deeper understanding of flow, peak performance and personal optimization.
  • Ability to identify and eliminated wasted time.
  • Increase creativity, focus, presence, productivity.
  • Overall increased self awareness, satisfaction and happiness.

The program includes:

  • online assessment and pre-work
  • 4 hr in-person launch event
  • 5 weeks of web based learning, discussion and learning activities and
  • a final Hack-a-thon celebration the evening of 12/12. 


  • Create More Flow is a topic that is generating significant interest and traction. (I spoke at EO Nerve last Friday in front of a standing room only crowd.)
  • The COO of Inc’s #2 fastest growing company (PaintNite) is a raving fan, as is the CEO of the Inc’s #1 fastest growing female led company (Globalization Partners). 
  • The CEO of Inkhouse PR gave some feedback 2 weeks ago after I presented to her company: "I have ridiculously high expectations when it comes to speakers and Camille’s presentation blew me away. She made the concept of flow accessible to every single person in the room, and found a way to give us all something we could use to make our lives better tomorrow."
  • Here’s what the BBJ is saying about it!  

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