Sand, earth, gravel, firmness of mind. It's called grit. 

Grit is what allows leaders to face adversity with confidence, resolve, and focus. Great leaders must be willing to go where others fear to tread, beyond terror’s edge. It’s a tough place to be and it is also an integral part of how we get in the zone and create flow. 

In "Got Grit", Camille teaches leaders to embrace adversity by actively seeking out terrifying situations. Facing discomfort and surviving is a powerful flow hack. It not only helps leaders ignite their own passion and creativity, it helps them lead in a way that is memorable, impactful, and approachable. 

"Got Grit" offers skills and strategies to:

  • Develop a flow hacking mindset
  • Create actionable hacks to achieve your goals
  • Have an impact on behaviors, actions, and mindset
  • Have more presence, impact, and engagement
  • Increase happiness, success, and creativity

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