Thank you all for leaning in and committing to create more flow!  I so appreciate the chance to spend a morning with you, to share with you and to learn with you.


1 - Revisit your Goals Document: 

  • Assess: Vision, Priority Areas, Targets (see attached document on key ideas) 
  • Once these are resonating (head & heart) - you want to carve out time to drill down on the next steps for each of the targets

Remember Preparation is essential to get clear on the outcome and then flexible (aka hackable) on the approach!   

  • Executing uses a different part of your brain from the planning / strategizing part.  
  • By spending time in the planning / strategizing (thinking through steps, hacking, chunking, etc) we can then get more momentum!
  • After 10 hours of sleep last night, I am leaning into preparation phase myself re: what’s next for CMF. (I’m realizing that there can be some struggle and resistance in the preparation :-)  
  • Here's a hack that brings a little tension to help you get this done!. If you get it to me by Friday noon, I will review it and give you feedback!  :-) 

2 - Flow tracking Log

  • Below is a weekly log for tracking where you are spending time.  
  • Noticing where you are spending time (preparing, struggling, releasing, flowing, recovering, wasting) 

3 - Time creation log

  • Below is also a log for the Eliminate, Automate, Delegate content
  • Commit to Collate all your thoughts 2X / day - notice what act creates in you (re: focus and deeper thinking)