Overwired? Distracted? Exhausted? 

The overuse of technology can damage our brains, bodies, and relationships. This causes a decrease in flow that can hurt our ability to achieve success and happiness. And it requires new skills, we call it flow hacking, to work smarter and live better, with greater focus and clarity. 

In “Rewired”, Camille illustrates how we can get the most out of technology by overcoming the potentially negative impact of technology and its overuse – being over-wired. She teaches practical skills to unwire and step back from technology, a critical first step. Then she shows us how we can rewire, adapting to technology with new skills that are proven to continuously optimize peak performance, at work and in life.

"Rewired" offers skills and strategies to:

  • Develop a flow hacking mindset
  • Create actionable hacks to achieve your goals
  • Have an impact on behaviors, actions, and mindset
  • Have more presence, impact, and engagement
  • Increase happiness, success, and creativity

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