Flow hacking has been game changing for me. Prior to this training, I was inefficient, distracted and scattered at work. After only two sessions, I was able to enter into a state of focus and productivity through a series of steps. These strategies or hacks get me focused on doing my work not struggling trying to create focus on the work. This process is the intersection of productivity tips to get things done, self-awareness to tackle “big projects” and Mindfulness. It is a game changer that is life changing.
— Ryan Walsh, Executive Director, Team Park City United
I have ridiculously high expectations when it comes to speakers and Camille’s presentation blew me away. She made the concept of flow accessible to every single person in the room, and found a way to give us all something we could use to make our lives better tomorrow.
— Beth Monaghan, CEO, Inkhouse
Camille is brilliant, perceptive, and real. I have worked with her for over a year, and I’ve experienced dramatic shifts both personally and professionally. Camille delivered on her promises to help me unleash my potential, aim for excellence, take action, and leave an impact. By working with Camille, I have raised more resources, attracted more talent, and found more joy working for the global health nonprofit I founded five years ago than ever before. She helped me change the way I live and work.
— Liz Sheehan, Founder, C2C
Since I applied Camille’s techniques, and my learning about flow and purposeful struggle, I was able to spend more time in flow and get more important things done than I have been in years.
— Lee K. Van Voorhis, Partner, Baker & McKenzie
Camille’s coaching has helped me get a 30% increase in salary in one year, launch a new product that is 400% ahead of targets, transform the marketing department from being $500,000 over budget to $300,000 under budget in Q1, and establish a strong relationship with the Board.
— Kate Keough, COO, PaintNite
She gets below the surface, helping me to better understand my strengths and opportunities to figure out how to move forward.
— Monica Brand Engle, Founder, Managing Partner QuonaCapital
She helped me to decode myself, to focus on outcomes, to simplify and to enjoy life more. It was beyond valuable. It was life changing.
— Bettina Hein, Founder and CEO, Pixability
Camille is a trusted advisor and mentor. She consistently challenges me to be more purposeful, intentional, and connected.
— Rana El Kaliouby, Co-founder and CTO, Affectiva
She helped me build and hone the skills
I needed to lead effectively, and
challenged me to be more authentic in
business relationships.
— Miriam Christof, JustJump Marketing

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