What if you could feel great and be great more often?  Flow hacks are tactics and strategies that help you achieve what you want faster and better, with optimal effort. 

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Apply cutting-edge leadership practices, strategies, and hacks that deliver results.

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Create More Flow keynote addresses can provide the spark for your next event. 

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Learn flow hacks proven to continuously optimize peak performance. 

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In a ten-year study involving more than 5,000 executives, McKinsey & Company discovered that executives double their productivity when they increase the amount of time they spend in flow by 15-20 percent. 

THE FLOW cycle

flow cycle

flow DRIVES creativity AND IMPACT 

McKinsey Quarterly, Susie Cranston and Scott Keller, “Increasing the 'Meaning Quotient' of Work,” January 2013, pp. 4–5

McKinsey Quarterly, Susie Cranston and Scott Keller, “Increasing the 'Meaning Quotient' of Work,” January 2013, pp. 4–5

As the CEO of a fast growing company, I need to maximize my time for optimal efficiency. Camille’s training helped me understand the science behind peak performance and neuro-rhythms. As a result, I am able to churn out massive amounts of creative and strategic work.
— Nicole Sahin, CEO, Globalization Partners

Being in flow is a profound experience  

Creativity is a gateway to embracing challenges

You can reliably create flow

Embracing a flow hacking mindset creates happiness

Everyone can benefit from flow

Our world will be a better place with more flow

Camille Preston inspires and teaches people to unlock their capacity for excellence, action, and impact.


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